I joined the company after it was already launched and profitable. Though my primarily focused on sales, I also wrote a lot of code.

How it works

You know SurveyMonkey? Like that, but better. The biggest differentiators are support for extremely complex logic, theming to match your brand, and integration with products such as MailChimp and SalesForce.

Challenges I ran into

Heh. When I joined there was no source code control. So that was job number one. Next, because the product was built on nights and weekend, it had accrued a lot of technical debt. Lots of copypasta code blocks and no overarching framework. So over the course of a year we migrated it to Zend Framework. This was painful, and launch day was scary, but we had a great team who was very committed to customer satisfaction, so we got through it. We were so happy with the outcome that we hired a masseuse to come to the office and give everyone a 20-minute chair massage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Helping the company go from a few scrappy developers to a professional organization. The year I joined they book roughly $150k in revenue. When I left 2.5 years later they were on a $5 million run rate.

Also, in addition to product work I did a lot of MIS stuff like integrate SalesForce (blech) and ZenDesk (cool!) with our customer database.

What I learned

With this job I went from being a decent hacker to a software engineer. I also learned that I don't like working for companies of more than about 30 people. I grew bored and my work suffered as a result.

What's next for SurveyGizmo

The company continues to grow and has thousands of happy customers all over the world.

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