There are 8 Millennium Development Goals, many of which are virtually unknown to the youth. The purpose of this application is to increase awareness of the MDG’s amongst the youth and encourage them to participate in helping their governments achieve these goals.  By making use of the already existing social network sites like facebook and twitter which are very popular with the youth, they can directly be engaged in the ongoing fight against poverty, hunger, disease to mention but a few of the MDG’s. SurveyFull Publisher is a dynamic online report generator application that combines social networking features(powered by with all the development indicators collected on Rwanda since 1990 to 2009 where the user's home space let him/her select a series of data by entering a question or keyword in a search field and compare the results to a new series of data resulting from an intermediate search and share his/her findings with other people. This application allows people to FREELY define, select and promote the ideas that make a difference in the world in the paradigm that connects these ideas to tangible facts. Why is this application needed? 1)People like to post and comment on different ideas. 2)Given the popularity of search engines, internet surfers find it easy to search the information they need by the use of questions and keywords. 3)It is fun and engaging to find information or a solution to a problem by using your own imagination by asking questions or using keywords. Visitors at can be redirected to this application or prompted to go to it when they need data from the world development indicators dataset or invited to view reports. The application executes a specialized search algorithm based on the user's request to the dataset and returns all the possible information the user might be looking for with brief descriptions. When the user clicks on one of the results titles, the application generates a graphical representation of the phenomena.  At the right hand side, the application shows an intermediate search field which performs the same operation as the first search field(left) and the new results are mapped to the old graph for comparison to show statistical relationship(on both sets of data). After the observation the user can save his/her results for later consultation, create his/her own post or idea with a new title and text, or share his post or idea along with the graph to his home space or to a friend's email or phone number(an automatically generated number sent in sms to give access to the report) to start a conversation thread about the phenomena. Our vision is mainly to help anyone who usually invest time and money into conducting surveys to instantly gain access to consistent, regularly updated and widely used source of data and other people's opinions and be able to draw new conclusions and share his opinions within a reduced amount of time. We create a network of people with a tool eligible to find any solution or information one might need. We let people of the same cause share their views...  In conclusion, the idea of using a social network concept with this application is to let people signup for one or more of the MDG's groups that can be created in any social network and start using the data reports and opinions the other members are publishing. For example, at, members can set up their account to be notified of new events and actions to their email or mobile phone and also take actions like updating the others with new reports or views on forecasting analysis and future turn of events in a specific MDG which is yet another source of information to generate a new dataset on that MDG.

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