When we sent survey emails at work, I was always annoyed that users would have to click first onto an external page where they could do a survey. Why is this necessary? It adds one extra step: why not just respond from the email itself?

What it does

That's exactly what SurveyHuman does. It's super simple; it just sends an email survey, and users can respond right within the email.

Also, in real time, survey creators can see responses as they come in.

How we built it

We built SurveyHuman on top of a postgres server and a golang API (heroku), and ReactJS (native and web) front ends. It was a chance to learn the very newest in web and mobile technology; with ideas like functional reactive programming and single directional data flow (well, they're old ideas but history repeats itself right?).

Challenges we ran into

Heroku is currently down. This will be interesting. Also, Heroku seems to inconsistently log golang's output? Anyway, the real challenge is probably figuring out a user interface; we wanted the process to be as seamless as possible.

What we learned

We learned to use every step of the modern web/mobile application toolchain. From a SQL database to reactive front-ends.

What's next for SurveyHuman



Heroku was down this morning, so some of the demo wasn't available for taking screenshots.

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