Our main goal was to create an interactive platform for improving Anthem's existing employee feedback system. We've created a new web application that not only allows the employees to post simulated responses as reviews, but also offers them many engaging tools for managing and improving office experience to a greater extent. The major features of the app include a graphical review system, a workspace notification portal, a news tab, a music playlist tab, a slot machine game, a peer chatroom tab, and a discussion forum.

We started working on both backend and frontend development, simultaneously. The backend development was done using Python Django. Our preferred workstation for handling database was MySQL. The skeleton for the frontend was prepared using javascript, php and bootstrap. Although we ran into some problems in database management during the later stages of our project development, we are happy to be able to come up with a functioning prototype of the application. We look forward to improving the technicalities of the features provided by our app in the days to come.

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