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Team Members: David Ampofo, Shyana Srikanthalingam, Jose Herrera, Shailendra Shukla

Do you need a Blockchain?

How well does this project leverage a blockchain?

Our project solves an essential privacy issue that can only be solved with blockchain. User privacy is easily achieved with blockchain and encryption, while still allowing companies to conduct valuable market research.


How is the user experience of your application? Could someone with little to no experience in the blockchain space use it easily?

The flow of the application as a user taking a survey requires very little knowledge of the blockchain space. Aside from acquaintance of BTZ through the Bunz app, users can easily use the survey functionality.


How can this project be brought into production and worked upon after the hackathon?

Our solution is easily implementable onto the Bunz platform. It also has the potential to change how marketing is done and users in general can gain power over their personal information again.


How does this project add value to the blockchain space?

Plays a part in the conversation about anonymity and user privacy.

Bunz Challenge

How does this project address all the specifications of the Bunz challenge?

Built a fully functional, encrypted survey on an Etherum smart contract. Responses are only viewable by the survey creator. Also integrated a dispute resolution protocol.

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