Hundreds of memes made from the best meme template die every day. That's right, the surprised Pikachu template.

What we have done

In order to combat this tragic loss to humanity, I have developed the Surprised Pikachu Meme Library app. Complete with support for IOS, Android, and on internet browsers. With a simple, easy-to-use GUI, any user can submit a surprised Pikachu meme and it will be added to the library. You can upload it from your files or a link. You can even build the meme on the app itself. You can see all the surprised Pikachu memes any user has entered and download or share them with the touch of a button. To facilitate discussion and keep the app entertaining, you can comment publicly on any of the memes and even tag other users.

The Future

The spread of this app will let the collection become even larger as more users upload their surprised Pikachu memes. One thing we need to add to the app is an anti-duplication feature, which I am currently working on.

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