PAS stands for Personal Accountability System. n


This project was inspired by a problem that one of our own organizations faced. As a predominantly student-run organization that had just begun last year, we were searching for an RSVP and attendance system that we could use to expedite our accountability processes. However, despite long searches, we could not find any products that seemed to perfectly fit our needs. This is why we built SurPAS, to help organizations like ours find a way to go above and beyond expectations.

What it does

SurPAS is a web and mobile-enabled application built for student leaders and members of a given organization to quickly and easily receive updates from their team leaders about events and requirements. They will not only receive event notifications, but they will also be able to quickly RSVP to events that they expect to attend as well. Then, at mandatory events, these students can gain credit for the hours they spent at the event by being verified by their small group leaders.

In addition to being able to quickly take attendance at meetings, these small group leaders and their administrators may also pull up automatically generated reports about each individual's contributions and attendance records, and - if they so choose - may be notified ahead of time if the student is on track to falling behind. This way, student leaders and administrators can quickly see where possible problem areas lie, and they may resolve them before these situations worsen.

SurPAS is not only applicable to student organizations, as its features can be very widely applicable to other programs from K-12 extracurriculars to adult programs within the workplace. Nevertheless, as students, we found there was a huge gap in this market for student leaders, and we hope that SurPAS can fulfill these needs for future leaders everywhere.

How we built it

We utilized Google's Firebase, HTML/CSS, Javascript, and D3.js to build everything seen in this prototype.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled first to learn how to effectively utilize Google's Firebase API with the other technologies that we knew already. Additionally, we struggled to narrow down exactly which parts of the project we felt we should prioritize building in this short time period.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we were able to build at least a prototype that demonstrates SurPAS's vast potential to help leaders in all aspects of accountability, which includes an authorization system built through Firebase and a preliminary view of the automatically generated Accountability Reports.

What we learned

Each member of our team learned something new—whether it was tackling web dev for the first time, or checking out all the functionalities for Google's Firebase!

What's next for SurPAS

We will continue to develop the prototype until it more closely resembles our final product, then look more deeply at how to bring our mainly web-based application to the mobile space.

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