Bringing surge pricing to industries beyond transportation.

We built SPaaS as and easy-to-use, machine-learning-based API that any developer can plug into their e-commerce application to fluctuate prices based on real-time demand. Example use cases include selling any type of limited-quantity items, for example: concerts, sporting events, movie tickets, limited-quantity art pieces, etc. Items with a ton of demand (e.g. Outside Lands tickets) will surge, while less popular items will go on sale.

Be sure to try out the example store-front and API to see how the price-multiplier changes based on quantity remaining, and how many users are currently viewing the product online. Users can also choose to be notified when the surge ends via a push notification.

Our software stack includes Roost for web push notifications, the Google Prediction API for machine learning, Google App Engine, Firebase for real-time statistics, and some home-grown tech :)

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