Inspiration and What it does

It's super hard for students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds to access educational resources that may lead them to a rewarding career path. Because let's face it - can a student living under the poverty line pay for a tutor for neurosurgery or explore options to attend medical school? With the help of SURGE.on, students will be able to explore potential career paths in the health sector through an immersive VR training platform, online informational videos from industry experts, and an inclusive community forum for students to chat with similar-minded individuals.

How I built it

  • Unity as our game engine
  • C# for game environment
  • Oculus Quest VR for virtual game hardware

Challenges I ran into

Our team struggled to set up our virtual reality hardware until T-14 hours before the submission deadline. After much food and frustration, we managed to set up our game environment and boot up our project! Team work makes the dream work, always.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We really stood behind our product vision and learned new technologies to make our brainchild a reality!

What I learned

VR is really cool! Most of us have never touched virtual reality hardware hacks before this hackathon and we got to experience a bit of 3D modeling, asset rendering, and MonoDevelop scripting.

What's next for SURGE.on

We hope to make our app more responsive, and add more features! The future of SURGE.on is looking pretty bright :)

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