Social distancing has been the most important factor to avoid spread of the virus in these pandemic times. The crowd density feature will enable the user to decide if it is a wise choice to visit the beach and go surfing or not. Also, Instead of having multiple apps for different functionalities, we want it to be a one-stop solution so that it can cover all the necessary needs - from finding restaurants and nearby beaches, calling for a lifeguard or an ambulance, or to clean up the beach a little after surfing - everything in one app!

What it does

It provides five main functionalities :

  • Garbage classifier - Classifies the beach side waste to be either recyclable or non recyclable when shown to the camera
  • Weather forecast - Determines the current weather and suggests if it is advisable to visit the beach or go surfing on that day or not
  • Crowd density estimator - estimates the number of people at a particular beach and lets the user decide if it is wise to visit the beach and go surfing or plan it for some other day
  • Virtual companion - a chatbot to connect the user with a lifeguard or book an ambulance in case of emergencies or find nearby restaurants
  • Nearby beaches -finds beaches around the user's current location using latitude and longitude

How we built it

We used HTML,CSS,JS for the frontend of our Web App. Designed a beautiful interface using Canva. Created our prototype using Figma. Used Bootstrap and nicepage for templates and inspiration. Trained and implemented a classification model. Used Flask for a solid backend. Used Azure App services for hosting. We used the Google cloud platform's Dialogflow to make a powerful chatbot

Challenges we ran into

We were not able to fully integrate backend and frontend causing few functionalities to perform abnormally and increasing the overall loading time of the website.

Accomplishments we are proud of

we were able to successfully create and implement a classifier and chatbot to cater to the user needs and merge it with frontend.

What we learnt

We learnt how we can use azure and google cloud to build and integrate into frontend of a web-app and also learnt how we can estimate the crowd density at a place.

What's next for Surfmate

A mobile app that is convenient and easier to use and includes additional features such as a login system to enable the user to have a record of his recent visits and recent searches. Also making design changes for better user experience and overall aesthetics and optimizing the loading times of our Web-App.

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