What better to map than the best surfing spots while you're at UCSB?

What it does

Scrapes the Surfline API to get wavelength. Displays the wavelength on Esri's MapView as well as current weather conditions.

How we built it

ArcGIS, Swift, CocoaPods, + blood and tears.

Challenges we ran into

Digging through Surfline's terrible API. Trying to figure out how to click on points on the map view to display info.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully displayed all the popular surf areas and wave lengths on a map.

What we learned

How to use Ersi's map products.

What's next for SurfMap

Add directions and parking addresses for popular surf spots.

Display more data (Tide, air temp, water temp., swell direction and period, wind direction and velocity)

Social Media Integration, so the user can share where they’ll be surfing with their friends (Facebook).

Predict best surf spot based on swell direction, wind direction and wave height.

UX improvements

  • Add modals so that when surf icons are pressed, more informations is displayed.
  • Add table of surf data, so that users can view data as text.
  • Add markers at dangerous locations.
  • Describe what type of bedding the spot has. (Sand, rock, reef)
  • Describe what type of break the spot has. (Point break, sand bar, reef break)
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