We have a quarantine in the city and bad Internet because of this, it is very difficult to surf sites with friends

What we did

Stream the screen in zoom and skype is not cool, someone does not see the links from the screen, lags, etc. So why not stream links from the browser to browsers. One person is the host, creates a session, and shares it with all the IDS. The rest, as clients, connect by ID Next, when the hosting service goes to a site, clicks on links, opens a tab, then the clients automatically open the same links

We developed a Go server using Redis and Docker. And we built our extension using typescript

How we built it

We are Java programmers, and new languege was really cool for us

What we learned

TypeSctipt and GO

What's next for Surf with me


How to install our extension?

1) Download from Google drive 2) Extract files 3) And install in Google Chrome

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