Summer is here and everyone wants to relax and take a break from their busy life. And the first thing that strikes in our mind is beatches. But due to COVID, it's risky to step out without precautions. Therefore representing Surf Up, a web platform where you can check the number of COVID cases with a warning marker so that you can plan your trip safely

What it does

Surf Up shows the number of COVID cases with a different marker for safety measures so that you can plan your trip safely. The different Markers represents:

  • Blue: Represents the number of fewer cases and its safe to visit
  • Yellow: This represents the number of moderate cases and it's a bit risky to visit
  • Red: Represents the number of many cases and it's very dangerous to visit

How we built it

  • Google Map API
  • Google Cloud
  • Dialogflow
  • React Js

Challenges we ran into

As it was the first time working with google cloud it was a bit difficult in beginning, but once I try building with it, it came out to be easy to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning google cloud, and integration with the application, and completing the project in the given time frame.

What we learned

Use of Google Cloud and integrating it with our web application.

What's next for Surf Up

  • Adding more batches.
  • Deploying it on the web.
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