Summer is hot. Why not explore the distant coasts, breathe in some refreshing air, and ride the blue waves?

What it does

Surf Joy link is a real time wave forecast for surfers to check wave level at their local beaches. The wave heights above sea level are updated for every hour interval. The recommended wave height for surfing in general is between 3 and 19 feet. At lower water levels with exposed shallow rocks or higher water levels with extreme weather locations, the beach names are displayed in red color code; otherwise, in suitable conditions for being out in the sea, they are color coded in green. Additionally, the sea temperature is provided in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The water levels can be displayed either in feet (ft) or meters (m); the default setting is in feet. Users can search for beaches and narrow down search results by sorting the city or state of the location. To change the country or region, users will have to create an account with their email address, sign in, and update the information under the My Account page. While signed in, users can also save frequently visited beaches by clicking Save Beach button; doing this would allow them to check the surfing conditions without having to search the beach every time they go onto the site. Users can also edit the list of saved beaches and remove some of the collections.

How we built it

This Surf Joy website is built and hosted with Squarespace at link. Currently, it is password protected for hack development purposes. Access the website by entering coastalmlh. Images on the site are provided by Unsplash link and used under non-commercial Unsplash license. Features on the website might not work as intended as this is just for a hack idea demonstration.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, I considered making the hack from scratch, including coding the CSS stylesheet and HTML pages and implementing either Flask or React. But, due to limited time allocation, my beginner level expertise, plus my local IDE mysteriously not being able to run, I decided to rely on the Squarespace website framework and connect with my custom Porkbun domain name.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Usually, my main strengths lie in programming aspects and backend services. So coming up with a striking and convenient user interface was a big challenge to me. In the end, I am proud of what I got for my hack.

What we learned

  • How to connect and host Squarespace website with Porkbun domain
  • Prepare require tools for future hacks
  • Knowledge in surfing and weather forecasts ## What's next for Surf Joy A Surf Joy mobile application with enhanced features like language support.

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