A risk-assessment of land for development needs to be fast and accurate. Billion-dollar developments are waiting! And need to know potential hazards up front.

What it does

A web application that allows you to enter information about the site and measurements of chemicals found in the soil. Your information will be stored in a database and a pdf report summarizing potential risks and hazards will be generated.

Includes an admin page allowing Department of Health officials to update action levels in the database.

Includes a rest api that makes the project extensible.

Is able to entirely replace existing Excel framework.

How we built it

Existing technology leveraged Excel for this task, asking customers to fill out an excel spreadsheet. We upgraded the Excel interface to a web interface using Python with Django as a web framework. Data can be stored in SQLite or MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

It's a tricky task to accomplish with a team of strangers all busy with their own lives and work schedules.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The whole thing. A nearly fully formed solution to a challenging problem that goes above and beyond what the problem sponsors asked for.

What we learned

We learned a lot about collaboration. How to work as a team, modularize projects, use Github and Slack to coordinate. We gained a better appreciation for technologies such as Django and Mongo DB.

And we learned more than we ever thought we would about chemical contaminants in soil! We now know what a safe level of zinc is for drinking water!

What's next for Surf Geckos

Some clean-up, some debugging, a few small features to implement. The framework is all in place. It's just details to fill in. If the Department of Health is implemented in pursuing our solution, we are happy to help!

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