Our Goal

To help doctors, nurses, healthcare staff save time, provide more comprehensive care, communicate more, and not miss important pieces of information only available outside a patient’s record.

What it does

Suretify is a new lightweight web app to simply hospital workflows through automated follow-up of discharge surveys, critical health values, and current hospital protocols that we are submitting for competition in the AthenaHealth MDP Innovation Challenge. We have created if-this-then-that style triggers for health data, such as making a phone call, sending a secure email, or even a custom web integration, that takes the burden off health care providers to perform follow-up while collecting data from patients and providers automatically.


  • Make, edit, and store secure interactive surveys online via our lightweight web interface for any healthcare protocol, discharge survey, or follow-up procedure, and share them securely with patients at home
  • Connect triggers to the results of any survey question that matches some particular criteria that perform automatic actions
  • Automatically make a phone call to another provider or patient, send an SMS, email, or even push to a custom integration
  • Gather information outside the record automatically in response to critical values through trigger actions and add it to the record
  • Runs autonomously, even while you sleep, in the cloud and accessible via a lightweight web and mobile interface
  • Backed by HIPAA-compliant cloud services and our BAA (coming soon)

What's next for Suretify

This app is currently available as a demo prototype and we expect to launch a full version in the coming weeks.


E-mail the team at raneff@gmail.com, shirinpoustchi@gmail.com, jdutt55@gmail.com

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