To help the COVID affected humanity in privacy by design mode To track real time with consent and an autonomous robot that helps create awareness and deliver health care

What it does

SURAKSHAA - Blockchain based solution that delivers real time information on geo location movements for care givers, delivery partners and family/friends about their chosen ones to know if they are safe

How we built it

Collaborated with 2 startups INFINICUE for Surakshaa RoboThoughts for SAINT Yogamayai Designs for UX

Challenges we ran into

Many but we managed to overcome everyone None on people side

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully working prototypes

What we learned

Blockchain + AI is a killer combination

What's next for SURAKSHAA SAINT Blockchain tracker & Autonomous Robot

Look for the right level of investment and backing to make a reality

Built With

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