Women Security is a big issue now a days. Suraksha, which means "Protection" in Hindi language, is an application that when started tracks your location tracker and sends text notification to contacts you have added in the profile. It will also make an SOS call if phone is shaken 3-4 times. The Application also provides you with nearby Police station locations. We have integrated even travelling tips.

The Suraksha application is built using Android Studio. There were lot of challenges faced when we were using the Google APIs and also when we were using accelerometer data. Many new things were learnt during the coding phase of the application. As future scope, we plan to make even voice recoder implementation to get the evidence of the scene. Also we plan to start the Google voice and listen to HELP word that would trigger the SOS call and also post you location details on the Facebook timelime to get more attention for help.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe !!

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