Goal: Our mission is to empower migrant women (especially in low resource regions) to have a community of people to reach out to and resources to access.

What we learned:

  • How to implement a text based network
  • State Management using SMS
  • Migrant women's needs
  • Existing Cultural Networks with India
  • Leveraging resources such as NGOs
  • Developing self sustainable models for a non-profit

How we built it: We used Twillio's API to enable text messaging and used node js as our server/business logic

Challenges we faced:

  • To make our product available in low connectivity settings - opted for the text based option
  • Making our revenue model self sustainable while being non-exploitative (i.e. not relying on too many external resources for funding) - partnered with local business and telecom companies while also hiring a full time grant writer to source grants
  • Safety for migrant women - partnered with existing NGOs to train and vet local women who could act as guides
  • Managing a large population on our platform and localizing matches between migrant and local women
  • Maintaining a simple/cohesive user flow while meeting the addressing the most significant use cases

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