SUR for Spark lets you design using real paper to create face masks that you and your followers can AR try on for Facebook and Instagram!

The app lets you preview on both archetypal female and archetypal male faces. You can touch the real paper button to change the base face.

You can also select several skin tones for the base face.

You can keep checking how it'd look like as you create your face mask master piece.

The fun part about paper is that you can use all kinds of interesting tangible media to create your face mask art with in real life...

When you feel like you're ready, you can press the Digitize button to take a snapshop of your design.

This creates a UV map texture that you can then use in Spark AR on the face mesh in the face tracker. Don't worry if that sounds too complicated! SUR for Spark also comes with a ready-made Spark AR project so that all you have to do is drag and drop the texture in.

SUR is based on one of my SIGGRAPH 2019 paper, but for the purposes of this contest and Spark, the entire app and website was coded from scratch (okay frameworks like bootstrap and Unity and RealityScript)

in the last 12 hours :)

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