As four year 1 students, we had absolutely no idea what to build for Hack & Roll.

That was until one of us suggested using AI to receive a user's message to convert a message they typed and convert it into barking by using sentiment analysis.

After iterations of going along the same direction, we made something that was awesomely useless to something that we believe is incredibly useful in helping people calm down if they ever need to talk to their best friend... a dog!

What it does

If you've ever wanted to talk to a dog, then this is the app to use! We've ultimately allowed you to be able to talk to a dog and to be able to understand your dog :)

How we built it

We mostly built it using JavaScript, namely using a mixture of next.js and React. We also used GPT-3's API and used it in our application.

Challenges we ran into

We were going to use Python to enable speech-to-text, but to learn a few libraries within such a short amount of time was borderline impossible. One of our members is well-versed in Python but couldn't contribute as much due to his lack of familiarity with JavaScript. However, he was instrumental in ideation and the design of the application. Besides that, all of us had to learn a lot and understand the behavior of the technology we were building.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Using GPT-3 as an API for our app -Improving our JavaScript skills -Learning and using Next.js, which we were not too familiar with before

What we learned

We realized how we can make simplest and impactful of the things from the currently existing technologies. Our main learning was that we learned how to use AI to incorporate it into our application! Further we were able to learn about version control and collaborative development. We also strengthened our JavaScript skills and understanding of the web greatly.

What's next for Supwoofer

-Enabling Speech to Text for the application itself so that you do not have to type it out -Design improvements -Adding personalities traits to new pets, customisation, different breeds, basically a personalised version of the current existing one.

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