Supreme brings spreadsheets into the modern era by enabling seamless interaction between spreadsheets and Python, D3, and other data science tools.

Excel is the most widely-used programming language in the world. While it doesn't look like other languages which developers use, its accessibility allows non-programmers to develop complex applications and models within spreadsheets. Its ease of use and discoverability is unparalleled and Supreme leverages that by building a full data science toolkit around Excel.

How I built it

Supreme is built on top of the Beaker Notebook, which enables interactive computing with Python, JavaScript, and other languages. I built a plugin for Beaker Notebook which makes spreadsheets a full-fledged "language" on the platform, enabling data to seamlessly move between spreadsheets and programs.

Use case

To demonstrate the power of this system, I did a sample analysis of FINRA short data which combines Supreme spreadsheets, Python, and D3.

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