Pairents hopes to help those dealing with major medical conditions by connecting patients to proven mentors who have had similar experiences. At MedHacks2016, we built the foundations of an app that can connect people 1:1 worldwide via anonymous, safe and secure communications.

Our Mission

One of the problems those with major medical or mental conditions face is finding people other than doctors and family they can connect to. While support groups run by hospitals and outside organizations can help, they don't always provide one-on-one connections between patients. Individual therapy can help, but can be expensive and inconvenient. Although Pairents is no replacement for conventional treatment, we hope that it can help augment current patient care.

Our Story

Our team, consisting of students from UMBC and Hopkins, hoped to implement the mission in Android using a Spark Java backend to handle registration and matching process for our app. We eventually pivoted to a web app using the Twilio + Virgil Security example app as a model to follow for our development. The project still has a lot farther to go and we hope that we can someday take it to its full potential.

Built With

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