Goals and habits are hard. In today's landscape when we have many distractions in front of us, we often lose track of what our priorities are. Humans are social creatures and social accountability is powerful. When we have peers that push us to reach new heights, we are more motivated to achieve our goals. What if we had our friends and family to keep us in check when we wanted to achieve something?

What it does

It lets you add your five closest friends or family members into your profile. I chose five because there’s only a handful of people that we have the deepest connections in life with. It’s not a social media platform where we have 1000 followers and don’t know half of them very closely. Supportiv’s goal is to foster an inclusive environment where people feel welcomed and encouraged to pursue their goals.

Once you add people, they will keep you accountable. If you fail to reach a goal, there is a stake that you and the other person will both agree on. Supportiv also has statistics, trends on your habits and journaling where you can bullet journal to reflect and practice gratitude.

How I built it

It was built using Swift on the iOS platform. The backend was done through Google Cloud and Firebase to store the habits data and journal entries.

What I learned

Great ideas are based on problems you've faced before. When creating something, always first think about what the end user wants to see and experience with it and build a vision based on that.

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