Australian wildfires. COVID-19. Black Lives Matter. The explosion in Beirut. Plus many more events that you didn't hear about. Supporter allows people to take action and support the causes they care about.

What it does

Remember the donation jars that you would see at check-out at the grocery store? We make it digital and personal. Supporter reads the news and finds charities that are most relevant so that users can know they are supporting organizations that will have an impact. At check-out, users can round up their purchase to the nearest $1, $5, or $10 to donate their change to these charities. Along with the filters incorporated on our website, it will enable users to find their desired charity to donate, which is a big factor in how our website stands out from other websites.

How we built it

Supporter links the New York Times Article Search API with the Charity Navigator API to find the hot news topics that are trending around the world. By using keywords from the article, a charity can be suggested. We also have a website where the user can learn more about Supporter and select the causes they want to support.

What's next for Supporter

We'll improve the interface of the website, integrate our code completely, and launch a Chrome extension that allows any user to donate on any site. We would also like to implement a point system that companies can use to encourage their customers to donate to get a discount on their future purchases.


  1. Code for news --> charity API
  2. Code for website
  3. Pitch Deck
  4. Pitch Video (download video to view)

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