How to flexibly use JIRA to track the amount of support hours that customer consumed, and to trigger reminder when the support hours are about to be depleted.

What it does

Support Tracker allows users to:

  • View issue report based on a defined maintenance period
  • Workflow Validate issues with respect to support utilisation
  • Get notification when support utilisation exceeds the user defined limit

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How I built it


Challenges I ran into

  • JIRA Project Blueprint and the corresponding schemes creation
    • Took some time to figure out that the schemes requires a default
    • The design has to change as exported workflow does not retain the validators and post functions
  • Project tab panel for JIRA 7

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating the design with JIRA features, which make use of JIRA projects as the base. This design can potentially be reconstructured for other use case to model different forms of tracking...

What I learned

Creating the JIRA schemes, all the way from issue type to fields to screens to fields and their corresponding configuration and schemes with the API.

What's next for Support Tracker

  • Configurable report options, i.e. what issue values to display
  • Export functions for the report
  • Issue panel within the Support Tracker issue
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