The objective of 'Support MDGs' web aplication is to enable users to monitor MDGs progress in their country using World Bank data and UN data, and to allow user to contribute ideas in order to make the progress of MDGs in their country successful. The vision of the application are: To assist the World Bank raising awareness of the MDGs by informing the communities on MDGs progress in their countries.  To promote new ideas/suggestions to solve MDGs issues by allowing communities to contribute via discussion/idea forums.  To spread the awareness of MDGs progress via social network tools. To demonstrate the use of ‘Open Data’ by accessing Wolrd Bank data online. All data are sourced from the World Bank and UN report on MDGs progress. World Bank API calls are used to create the chart (ie ‘live’ data). To reduce the response time, other data (e.g. countries, MDGs indicator) are stored as metadata in the web server. The application, Support MDGs, contains 3 sections: Section 1 – Home.This screen allows the users to select a target country by clicking country link or by selecting map. To help raise awareness for users from MDGs countries, the application automatically selects the target country if the users are from one of the targeted MDGs countries.  Section 2 – MonitorIt provides information and indicators related to each MDGs goal, and visualize them to a bar chart. It also provides information about MDGs progress report from UN in the selected country. Section 3 – SupportThis screen allows users to contribute their ideas to assist in meeting the MDGs. Users can also vote for the best idea, discuss and comment ideas contributed by others. In addition, the activity of users in this web is automatically posted in their facebook walls in order to encourage their facebook friends to to do the same thing. By allowing ideas for discussion, we are hoping some ideas will be adopted by the World Bank (or other organisations) to help improve not just the MDGs but the World.

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