COVID - 4seen

by: Michael Mohn (MichaelMohn624#6613), Taemin Ha (Taemin#1466), Ian Kim (Ian K#8258)

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We all know that the spread of Covid-19 is causing a lot of problems, especially with how food is distributed and whether or not people have enough for their family. It was this growing issue and the fact that it affected everyone that inspired me, Taemin, and Ian to design Covid - 4seen. Here is how it works:

Covid - 4seen allows the user to track and project how long their remaining food supplies will last, based on the size of their family. We use the recommended meal plan by Mayo Clinic to determine this. This way, we are not only capable of telling you how much time you have left in general, but which food groups will run out first, and which you have the most of, further allowing you to have a balanced diet as well.

Once the user gets the information, Covid - 4seen provides you with a google maps page displaying the nearest grocery stores in your area. This allows the user to go from store to store as efficiently as possible and ensuring they get exactly what they need. This is especially useful to have handy as many stores are out of stock on various items, which other stores might have plenty of.

In order to do this in only 24 hours, we had to divide and conquer! I focused on the front end while Ian and Taemin contributed with the back end and implementation of the google maps. I grew so much faster at design UI templates and Taemin and Ian learned the different capabilities of google maps APIs and how to access them. However, we all learned about the importance of communication and teamwork is. This brings me to my next point, our challenges. As it turned out the most challenging part was not the coding itself but coding in a way that allowed other's work to be implemented together, rather than 3 different projects. We became confused over time exactly what the plans for the app were and had to stop many times to catch up with each other. Luckily, towards the end, we figured it out and got
Covid - 4 see done in time!

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