During the Covid-19 pandemic, tensions ran high and medical supplies ran low. People scrambled store to store trying to find hand sanitizer, Lysol disinfectant, and face masks. Because of this issue, we decided to develop Supplymedia, a unique social media-based solution where users can report missing or available supply in certain stores. This allows the website's users to create and mark where materials are available so more people can receive the materials they need

What it does

Supplymedia was created to tackle the issue of finding medical and health supplies during crisis and pandemic related times. In a social media type interface, users are able to upload the type of supply (such as a face mask) that they have found, the availability of the supply, and picture proof of the supply. They can then post the supply on the feed which other users can then take a look at. The other users are then able to find what store has the supply available and can then purchase it from the store. Supplymedia's feed displays the picture, the user's name who posted the photo, the availability, the city, and the store to help users find the nearest available store that someone has posted that has the supply they need in it.

How I built it

For the backend and server-side we used Python and flash and for designing the website we used HTML and CSS to create elements like text boxes and change the colors for the website

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging work was getting the main page feed to work and properly respond with the backend server. Storing the user input values was difficult too and it took a while to set this up properly. Additionally, SQLalchemy was difficult to work around but we worked it out!

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of creating a full-blown working website with a database integration in the back end. We are also proud of being able to work with different coding languages in one and learning how to publish the website.

What's next for Supplymedia

For future updates to Supplymedia, we wish to integrate a full social media type experience with user logins and a mobile version of the website. This will allow users to better find items near their location and can save items with their logins. This will also allow users to interact with each other and comment on posts that show where supplies are available.

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