The COVID-19 Pandemic This issue is very real and very close to home. It has drastically impacted the lives of all Americans, and the healthcare systems of several states are struggling to care for those in need. Since a lack of supplies, most notably ventilators, seems to be a big part of the problem, we thought of a possible solution to the uneven distribution of supplies across the nation.

What it does

Automates the redistribution of critical medical resources. This is done by keeping track of the supplies in each state and automatically generating opportunistic shipment orders from one state to another that take advantage of one state's excess to supply another.

How we built it

We aimed to show a mathematical model. This was done by using React on the frontend and Firebase as a data store and hosting service. There was extensive use of React Context to encapsulate data.

Challenges we ran into

  • Balancing between enough to demo the concept the app and enough to show user experience as it requires 50 users (states) to participate at once

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our thorough planning sessions before starting the project
  • Our solid team work
  • Completion of overall design

What we learned

  • APIs may not have the exact data you're looking for, which might mean making assumptions based on the data they do give you.

What's next for Supply Train

Once the model is proved viable, we'd love to get state governments involved, whom would be willing not only to provide up-to-date data, but to participate in delivering their supplies to states with more need.

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