For many years, we had all agreed that a cheap taqueria across from our high school would be in high demand. However, when one finally opened nearby, none of us even realized this for several months! We realized that we could create a web app that both allows users to indicate interest in a certain type of business and notifies them when that type of business has opened.

What it does

Users first enter their email to register for the site. Then, they click a location on the map, which starts centered around their current location. Once the marker appears on the map, the user enters the type of business they are interested in into the input field. Users will be notified if any business of that type opens within a certain radius from them. The user is then sent a confirmation email. Anyone can view the map of markers, which indicate different "demands" for types of businesses.

How we built it

We use an html file to set the template of where different elements go. An attached css file adds minor styling to these elements. One javascript file, map.js, handles displaying and interacting with the google maps api. Another, main.js, uses jQuerry to handle the submission field and interacts with manages sending emails to the users and will eventually handle storing the locations in a MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

  • Issues with wifi
  • All of us were very new to this type of web development and had to learn most of what we did today
  • Hint water
  • Issues interfacing with the MangoDB server
  • Confusion with methods for sending and recording emails
  • Difficulty properly displaying the google map
  • VS Code live share created problems with installing libraries and hosting the site

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Interface with and display google maps API
    • Center map on user location
    • Add user markers and record their lattitude and longitude
  • Record emails over multiple sessions
  • Send emails to users based on provided inputs
  • Displaying markers from an array (with extra notes)

What we learned

  • How to interact with an API, specifically google maps api
  • Hint water sucks
  • How to locally host a web application
  • How to set up a MongoDB
  • How to use python to automatically send emails
  • How to interact between javascript and python
  • How to set up an html file

What's next for Supply, in Demand

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