We came up with this idea because our parents would go out to the store to buy the things they need and put themselves at risk of getting the infection, and sometimes not get what they needed at all. Both of these, as well as the fact that most stores barely even had any restrictions because of the virus, greatly increased our tension surrounding this issue.

What it does

It shows you the closest place which is safe to visit based on your preferences.

How I built it

With HTML, I coded the website itself, with style,css, I took care of formatting, and with Javascript, I took care of functionality [since it has buttons (a search bar/dropdown menu)]

Challenges I ran into

Some of the most challenging and time-consuming challenges we faced were with formatting, since we didn’t know how to do this before. To solve thi problem, we attended a workshop. We also had trouble with implementing a dropdown menu and search bar, so we asked a mentor with help, and when inserting a Google Maps block, we realized that APIs were not free, so we used Google Maps code instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a dropdown menu and a search bar. We also created a website in gerneral, which is huge for us, since we didn't see code before until yesterday

What I learned

I learned how to make an HTML website, how to make classes, etc.

What's next for Supplizer

  • adding more options to the dropdown menu
  • allowing users to search for websites (with delivery) in addition to safe stores
  • adding more tabs in which users would be able to find information and statistics about the pandemic
  • adding more tabs in which users would be able to find tips on staying safe, in addition to instructions on how to make items they may need (ex: soap, hand sanitizer, masks) at home
  • adding location detection software so more accurate results can be found

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