Our inspiration comes from many No-Code sulutions, for domain specific problems like Chat Bots. We think that creation of Supply Chain should be no more difficult than a Chat Bot flow.

What it does

It's a No-Code solution for creationg of Supply Chains, with End User mobile Application.

How I built it

For this project we've deployed our own LikeLib and IPFS nodes. Then we've created Smart Contracts using Truffle framework. We tested them with Truffle Test to ensure they work prior to deploying to LikeLib. That saved us a lot of time, as we knew, that Contracts are working the the problems could lie only on integration layer.

The Smart Contract is implemented in rarther interesting way - for each Asset in real life, represented by QR code, a tokenized supply chain step is created. Step is different from an Asset in that the same Asset can participate in different Steps (transportation for example). Steps are managed as UTXs, which prevents double spending.

Then we've create a simple backend app based on mocks and immediately started developing Web and Mobile part. Web IDE (Constructor) was challenging, but with the help of React Diagrams we've creates some good UX for supply chain designer.

We've creaed mobile App on the React stack as well, using React Native.

By this time, backend was done, with embedded metadata storage, LikeLib and IPFS integration.

We've finished by doing a prototyping work on integration with IoT sensors. For sensor emulation we've choosen IBM Watson IoT Platform. We've simulated a sensor and created a gateway to push sensor data to backend, which stored it to IPFS.

Overall that was a very interesting project

Challenges I ran into

Initially we've run into problems with LikeLib blockchain with some bugs in core part and client library part. However, with the help of LikeLib team we've managed to work around them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of finising such a complex projec in time, as well as creating 3 PRs to LikeLib repository during hackathon all of which got accepted by LikeLib team

What I learned

We learned many new things during this hackathon, but most importantly it was communicating with LikeLib blockchain, deploying our own IPFS node as well as working with IoT devices using IBM Watson IoT Platfrom for emulating temperature sensors

What's next for Supplike by EasyChain Team

We'd like to continue working with LikeLib team, potentially developing a business model around product like Supplike with tokens being paid by actual users for performing operation on platform.

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