As we are adding supplier on a regular level. We face multiple challenge in order to make supplier compliant with operational process flow. We need a tool that will enable supplier to view their their operational health and what is the expected performance required by wayfair. Therefore we decided to create supplier scorecard.

What it does

This will allow supplier to view their operational performance on quarterly bases and will be able to view their compliance level with color coded dashboard. MVP:

  1. Create a score card for supplier on Fill rate, Registration compliance, Indicate rate, Defects, cancellation rate.
  2. To have a over score base on weightage of above mention KPI

Link to see the screen slides of project

How I built it

It is built with REACT at frontend and PHP & Mssql as Backened stack

Challenges I ran into

Gathering data from various sources. We are still not aware of how to calculate the

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our Idea.

What I learned

Currently we have all the data in the separate modules of Extranet (Example : Fill rate in Dash, Inventory Compliance in the Inventory Management team). This tool will combine all the necessary data and visualize it to supplier and provides where he should be improved. Its a very good idea to know how other teams are connected to extranet and how can we make a collective effort to make supplier better performer. Incidents calculation for supplier.

What's next for Supplier Scorecard on Extranet

Long term view:

  1. To extend this scorecard on Point base system, here we will give points to supplier based on their performance
  2. To add more logic scoring mechanism and add othere compliance KPI like inventory etc.
  3. To provide an admin view for Business to configure the weightage on KPI and to set scoring policy on extranet

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