When the COVID-19 global pandemic hit, schools around the world shut down, and the demand for online proctoring services surged upwards. Many students have had bad experiences with these services, citing security breach issues and higher stress levels. In an account by the Washington Post, a student recalls how his proctor was able to view all his credit card information through accessing the student’s computer screen and autofilled text input boxes. In addition, there are over 130,000 elementary and high school teachers that do not have the financial capacity to pay for these proctor services. We wanted to develop a tool that teachers can easily implement in their classrooms, to help them and their students during this difficult time.

What it does

Tracks student web activity during an active assessment session and creates a report for the instructor for review. User must click to start, extension will read user history, and upon clicking stop button, extension ends session while showing report on all the pages URLs visited with a corresponding timestamp.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and Javascript and designed a Google Chrome extension. We implemented on chrome://extensions using manifest.json

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we tried to create a web application, however we realized that it is impossible to read browser history because it is blocked for privacy and security concerns. However, history is available for viewing through Google chrome.history API, hence we switched our project to work as a Google Chrome extension. Our node module library that is used to create, write, and export pdf reports is not as easily integratabtle on Google Chrome extensions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As first time hackathon participants, we came in with the mindset to learn something new and build something that has real-world applications. We are proud of having accomplished these goals.

What we learned

We learned new skills such as how to develop, create, and test Google Chrome extensions. We also learnt how to implement Google Chrome APIs (chrome.history).

What's next for SuperVisor

Integrating jsPDF module library into the Chrome extension application to export a non-modifiable pdf report.

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