No one must overpay tax! Our aim is to promote the importance of tax and to grow up the financial culture. Many people pay too much tax because they don’t understand their rights. Helping people pay less tax and return as much as possible tax paid in excess.

What it does

We are your digital tax advisor. Ease, in few steps fill the declaration.

How we built it

MVP using WordPress CMS.

Challenges we ran into

Supertax makes it quick and easy to file taxes using a highly performed digital solution.
Our certified team of tax experts are dedicated to helping to file fully compliant returns and ensuring to claim back any overpaid tax, guaranteeing peace of mind and more money in your pocket.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We already provide tax preparation on the Irish market. With one year of experience and over 100 taxes filed in Ireland.

What we learned

Advice is very valuable. Find and follow the right mentors. Never give up. Get things done.

What's next for Supertax

To enhance Moldavian tax entitlements. Build Mobile App.

Built With

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