We were (and are) always excited about what good we can do to the society and how futuristic technology can make a global impact.

Today there are fundamentally several problems, for instance - poor food waste manage, which leads to million of people starving for food. Few others are in Garbage Clearance, Health, Road & Infrastructure etc., All of these issues are still unaddressed even when the world is at $100 Trillion Dollars economy. The biggest problem here is that these issues go unnoticed as the process (unmaintained apps and websites) is opaque. We want to make the data decentralised and issues transparent to the public.

What it does

SuperSol is a super app for solving public problems with just 1-click. Let's be private and solve public problems seamlessly. It's powered by Location Intelligence and is powered by EOS.

Whether it's road maintenance, garbage clearance, excess food waste management, medical emergency and a ton of other essential services within one app called SuperSol.

Today, reporting issues and problems is very opaque. It's time-consuming and lacks responsibility. You have to use many websites and apps, and even visit offices and support teams. You have to provide your personal information & up on every website which can be hacked or have been hacked in the past as well. Statistically the loss is worth millions or even billions of dollars worth of loss.

We will solve this problem by observing statistically a decrease in fatalities in the world, better lifestyle, and improvements in the improvement in the happiness index.

An overall improvement in the turnaround times and increase accountabilities by the points of contacts like governments and others.

A person would report a public problem on SuperSol it which goes through the EOS network. People and authorities will validate their transaction and it would get fixed and people would be rewarded for both reporting the issue and solving it.

SuperSol would help addressing people's problems 10 times faster than any other process in the world. Each and every person who's affected would save 100's hours in total time spent on the issue.

How we built it

N/A - ideathon

Challenges we ran into

Lack of clear data and statistics about how many people are actually affected by these public issues. We also did a survey 54 people and found that in 77% of the cases people didn't report an issue that they faced. There were 2 reasons - not knowing where to raise the issue and not willing to go through the sluggish/tiresome manual process where they know it will ultimately not be solved for them..

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of the product and solution brainstorming that has gone to this. We have made a huge progress in understanding EOS Network and how the 3rd generation EOS can help us in powering our product at global scale. Talking to 54 people helped us understand their views about how they think of Government, Organisations, NGO's etc., We learnt a lot about people!

What we learned

A lot about EOS Network and why it is the next big opportunity for us to utilise it and scale it globally.

We also learnt a lot about how people suffer globally to get access to basic facilities that most Organisations fail to address these basic needs.

What's next for SuperSol - SuperApp for Social Good

We will be building the application powered by EOS Network.

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