Super Smash Anglers

High Stakes. Bright Lights.
One stock. No items.
Angler Only. Final Destination.
And just as slow as Brawl.
HackUCI 2018 Submission.
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Super Smash Anglers Logo

I'm developing a project called

Super Smash Anglers. Duh.


Here's the elevator pitch

What's there to say? People have said that this game represents the most important battle of Smash in the history of the lifespan of Anglerfish. Grab a friend, and fight each other as Anglers to prove who is the best Angler of all time!


It's built with

Unity 2D Engine, C#, whatever Unity is coded in. As Anglers we UNITE together as one! Though it seems like we're just fighting each other.


The team

Arthur. Just Arthur. Only Arthur.
Programming: That's Arthur.
Graphics: Angler Family pictures. But edited by Arthur.
Music: A bunch of midi files online. Re-edited by Arthur.
Announcer Dude: Arthur yelled into a microphone while everyone else was throwing paper airplanes.

The struggles

I'm new to Unity, so learning how to even do Physics was tough at first. But thanks to the Internet, I was able to learn how to make the Anglers flop harder that they would get fined for flopping!

The accomplishments

This is a game I've always wanted to complete for my littles. So I'm glad I was able to make it! Being able to complete a game in Unity is also an accomplishment for me; previously, I made games exclusively in GameMaker: Studio. It's nice to be able to move to a 3D space.


Here's the whole story

"Super Smash Anglers" has been the most requested game in all of Angler history. With the release of multiple 2D games encompassing creatures of all kinds, the Anglers grew restless and started fighting each other. Thus, this game had to be made immediately before any more damage could be done. It fully represents how each battle will play out if you were in the shoes of an Angler. Will you light up the world light nobody else? Or will you flop to your doom like these poor Anglers?

This game is dedicated to my littles of the Angler family line. The people represented in this game gave their full permission for me to use their wonderful faces to truly emboy the spirit of the Angler.

It is clearly lit now that this is perhaps the best video game created on February 4th of all time.



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