After the collapse of the game "Draw My Thing", and seeing its poor imitators, we decided to build an alternative with modern technology and a clean UI.

What it does

Your friends and you join a virtual room together. One player will be trying to draw a picture that describes a word. The other players have to try to guess the word in order to earn points. Whoever guesses correctly first earns the most points.

How we built it

Backend was written in Go, with links to Redis and PostgreSQL, and proper security measures implemented (eg. Encrypted Cookies). Front-end is implemented using Pug, Vue.js, and Node, and communication between the two components is faciliated using WebSockets.

Challenges we ran into

JavaScript issues with sending and receiving objects, as well as concurrency issues with Goroutines. Lots of fun to debug heh.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A proper backend implementation, which is something that's not very showy,

What we learned

This project was potentially overly ambitious heh. Ran into a lot of technical difficulties along the way for a 24 hour hackathon, and thus it is still incomplete.

What's next for SuperSketch

Actually polish everything up and complete it.

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