Throwing Shurikens are insanely fun. Who'd say they aren't? We've designed a game that lets you to throw your Shuriken on randomly selected points on the screen.

How it works

The application was built primarily using an Arduino and three Ultrasonic sensors that would be placed along the edge of the laptop display. Because the sensors are relatively small compared to the screen, three sensors were used side by side. These sensors tell us how far the Shuriken is from them and depending on which sensor detects them we were able to get a vertical location of the Shuriken. We linked the Arduiono IDE to the PyGame interface and we were able to detect the location where the Shuriken is thrown and verify if the target has been thrown at.

Challenges I ran into

The Ultrasound sensors would often cause interference.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Was able to successfully integrate the Python and Arduino intefaces.

What I learned

How Arduinos can be used to create user friendly games and also potentially solve real life problems.

What's next for SuperShuriken

We will continue to work with it and hope to publish it as soon as we have a marketable prototype ready.

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