I moved to Hyderabad over 2 years ago to work for Microsoft. We were then recently introduced to food delivery applications like Foodpanda and Swiggy. We used it multiple times and we loved it. We continue to use it even today. It beat ordering pizza all the time. Later on as the months passed by I was introduced to grocery delivery apps like BigBasket, Groffers, PepperTap. We ordered once or twice but later on, we never did. We always sort to going to the store and picking up our weekly needs. I wondered why did we do this. Even though it was saving us time and travel costs we still resorted to go to the store and purchase. I then realized it was the experience that the store provided us. We can look at 50 items at a time just by looking around. We never prepared shopping lists so when we looked at a product we would remember that we would need it. This gave me the idea of building SuperShopper.     There was a friend of mine who owned a VR startup called CUSMAT. He gave me the gist of the technical aspects to build a VR application. As I already had good experience with coding in C# in Microsoft, it was fairly easy to build a working prototype in 20 days.     There was huge traction over this application all over the company when I showcased it. There was even a line in the booth that we made. There was no doubt that this was something totally new and exciting that everybody wanted a piece of.     We went back to the drawing boards and dreamt the next revolution of online/mobile shopping industry. SuperShopper was born.

What it does

SuperShopper is a mobile app that is designed to empower brick and mortar businesses who are being threatened by the new and powerful E-Commerce applications that is taking over the market. Super shopper provides hyperlocal stores to be virtually available using technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, using nothing else other than the customer’s smartphone.  SuperShopper App will be powered by a unique algorithm with features configured and optimized for a smooth virtual experience. The app is designed for various businesses to capture their target customers to patronize them right from their comfortable locations. The application will be delivered in a format that is convenient and useful for both businesses and their target customers; The customers get an immersive shopping experience and the store owners would increase their sales

How I built it

I built it using Unity.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for SuperShopper

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