With the transition to online school, we noticed that our younger siblings struggled to keep up with their school work and communicate with their teachers. This was because each teacher had a different way of setting up their virtual classroom and assignment submissions. With the lack of face-to-face interaction, we noticed our siblings struggled to get help navigating virtual classrooms because of the inorganic nature of virtual communication.

What it does

  • SuperSchool is a platform on which schools can set up classrooms for elementary school students.
  • The home page has large buttons to help identify where to log in
  • Students can log into their page and access their tasks for today and well as another page for this week's schedule
  • All icons are big with pictures to help identify the task for students not yet confident with reading
  • Icons lead to tasks that need to be completed

It is still in the prototype phase and there are many more additions yet to come. However, the idea behind SuperSchool is to have a kid-friendly user interface that allows them to easily view & submit their assignments, communicate with their teachers, and manage their schoolwork. We designed the web application to have bright colors, large buttons, and a simplistic design to make it as easy to use as possible.

Additional Integrations

We also added a translate button to the website so students can use the application in multiple languages. This feature was added because there are many students who have parents who may not understand or read English. Thus, by adding the translate button, parents can help their students out regardless of what language they are comfortable with.

How we built it

  • We built our project using node.js. Our site is run using Google App Engine with Google Translate API.

Accomplishments we're proud of

  • Full UI design completed before beginning! A few of us have participated in hackathons before and we usually start ambitious and burn out by the UI phase. By starting our design off in Figma first, we were able to have a clear direction in what we wanted to create.
  • Accessibility features! Accessibility is something we're passionate about and we were able to start implementing it by added the Google Translate API to translate our page into whatever language the student wanted. This is useful for parents that might not be as familiar with English.

What we learned

  • Challenges with remote work, we all still have to eat food according to our families' schedules which resulted in several team members being absent at times
  • Technical difficulties... Computers are unstable at best, browsers crashing, random logging out of websites we needed, delayed ferries, no phone service, we've had it all.

What's next?

  • An automation bot to help students create schedules to finish their classwork on time.
  • A FERPA compliant scraper that allows for scraping of already existing platforms like Canvas
  • A functional teacher's page that has admin details that can be viewed from a dashboard
  • Integrations with school subject platforms such as ALEKS or IXL to reduce website link clutter
  • Email reminders for parents so they can be up to date on school status

And so much more!

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