Each person on our team plays an instrument--either the french horn, the bassoon, or the viola--and we all play in different clefs. So we thought, how swag would it be if we could all play the same music without having to translate all the clefs??!

What it does

This website allows users to input a clef that they want translated; so far, treble can be converted to bass and back and forth.

How we built it

We used HTML/CSS to build our website and JavaScript to create the functionality and logic behind translating the clefs.

Challenges we ran into

Since our idea was difficult and we had lots of ideas, it was hard to break our project down into its simplest form so that it'd be practical to code for this hackathon. Also, the .tech domain took a long time to be set up with our Github Pages, and it's actually still going through so we're hoping that it'll be up soon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're super happy that our team dynamic was 10/10; everyone had a part in contributing the the project. Allison was great at design and web developing, Susan was awesome at working with JavaScript and getting the musical notes to the UI, and Alanna was swaggilicious at doing the rest of the code!

What we learned

We learned that the most important part of a project is to get the skeleton done. For us, this was just the JavaScript, and then worrying about the aesthetics and CSS.

What's next for SuperpositionProject

We hope that we can add sharps, minors, rests, octaves, transpositions between keys, and additional clefs (like alto and tenor).

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