The Superposition Sequencer (the tentative name of a hack formerly known as Sequenshare) is an exploratory hack of a modular audio tone sequencing in devices that can be physically distributed and moved as separate modules of a common system. The two modules in this hack are two identical devices with a hardware and software design that allows additional identical modules to be added to the system and any of them removed as desired. This affords a fluid exploration of sound and space using the modules. The modules can be shared among people, too. This enables shared creative experiences. Each device consists of a two-by-two grid of buttons, an 8 Ω speaker, four 10 kΩ resistors, four 100 Ω resistors, an Arduino Uno, and a Colorado Micro Devices RadioBlock. The RadioBlock devices enables the devices to form a mesh network over which they can communicate wirelessly. The mesh network allows the modules to share a common state—pressing a button on one module enables the corresponding button on the other module. This is a prototype of an envisioned system of an arbitrary number of sound sequencer modules that can be moved through space.

The photos show both a mockup module as well as the circuitry contained within it. Both devices are battery powered and functional. Please visit table F-6 for a live demo and to try the device. Check the Tumblr for documentation media and the YouTube video for a brief demonstration of the sequencers.

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