Every Friday, we (plus a group of friends) like to go out to get boba with each other. And every single time, someone's order will be screwed up in a slight manner. This app is designed to remedy that, in conjunction with a sort of boba vending machine (which we, underneath our time constraints, could not build). It takes in a location, provides the user with the closest vending machines, allows them to connect over Bluetooth, and then takes them to a series of screens allowing them to customize the flavor, the sugar level, size, amount of milk/tea, ice, and toppings. The user can set a percentage of the drink that they want allocated to each (they could even have 100% boba if they wanted it), and the machine would make exact order, personalized for the user. In addition, a save feature could be implemented, where the user would be able to save their favorite combinations. There is also a browse tab, where other people's most recent drink choices are posted for the user to view and/or try.

This was our first time ever coding in iOS/with Swift. We hope you enjoy it!

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