Problem SuperPay Solves 🤔 :

Real-time Online Payments with Cryptocurrencies are the next big step in making Cryptocurrencies mainstream. With help of Crypto Payments any user can make transactions much faster across globe enabling trust-less environment but most of the Software-As-A-Service (Saas) companies uses the concept of continuous and autonomous Payments popularly known as Recurring Payments in their business model however this isn’t currently available in crypto space hence was born SuperPay - SuperPay is an end-to-end platform for real-time digital finance making Online Payments with Crypto currencies mainstream enabling trustless recurring crypto payments. Right now creating payment streams for cryptocurrencies is not possible but SuperPay makes it possible.

In very simplistic language SuperPay makes life of a vendor and consumer super simple by enabling recurring cryptocurrency payments from consumers to vendors from a single platform. These continuous, autonomous and trustless payments are powered Solana which makes them Super Fast, Super Secure and Super Cheap (in terms of Transaction fees)

Some of the Use Cases of SuperPay🔭:

  • SuperPay can be used for/by Over the top platforms like Netflix, spotify, and other subscription based services where the company's business model relies on recurring payments.

  • Employees Payrolls are recurring payments that are generally paid each month so, SuperPay can be used by companies to pay their employees in crypto. Employees can withdraw the amount by seconds. The crypto solution can ensure trustless payments.

Trustless real-time finance makes it very easier for people to any good jobs on the Internet.

Benefits of SuperPay for Vendors and Consumers🧐:

Vendors Benefits:

  • Recurring payments is extremely rare in cryptocurrency space, SuperPay supports this which gives SAAS based companies to implement their business model .

  • Acceptance of credit card payments generates vulnerability for sellers for charge backs, which can be extremely hurtful as they incur losses. With crypto currency payments, they do not have to worry about chargebacks.

Consumers Benefits:

  • While Paying a vendor with plastic or digital money such as credit-card, fiat payment gateways these means stores the user sensitive information which can be used to access funds even if the payment is not recurring. This makes users extremely vulnerable as in case of a data leak, their finances will be at risk. With SuperPay, only their public wallet address is stored, which cannot be used to access funds.

  • Companies make a good amount of sale with users forget to cancel subscriptions but with SuperPay's smart invoices the users cannot be charged until unless they themselves wants to make transactions.


The concept of data storage on Solana was a little different and I found it a bit challenging to grasp in the beginning, but the official Solana documentation is very good especially the one for accounts and their ownership helped me a lot throughout but it was a very fun experience.

Special thanks to these guys for guiding new solana devs like me and making our life less challenging:

  1. Armani Ferrante
  2. Nader Dabit
  3. Paulx
  4. Brian Friel

What’s next for SuperPay? 🚀:

Take it to the Moon!!

In a short while I am planning to release SuperPay in Beta version, Also I will now focus on more of customer centric part of development and will add new features. I already see areas ready for improvement. The future is decentralised hence creating real life problems solving decentralised applications will automatically go to moon without any support the only condition is it should be scalable an in case of Solana and Serum it already satisfies the condition!😉

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