We saw that food pantries are mostly run by volunteers and so making it easier for them to optimize how they do things would help make things for efficient for them.

What it does is that it allow organizations to post when they have food available and then creates optimization for the food panteries by telling them when to pick up all the food and in what order, by creating an optimized path for them. This allows them to get more in less time which will allow them to provide more food to those who need it.

We built it using Javascript and HTML and Google Maps API

It was difficult trying to figure out which data was applicable to our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of was figuring out the problem by learning about its stakeholders.

What we learned is that we can make things a lot better by optimizing existing networks instead of making a new one

What's next for Superorganism is to develop further!

One idea for further development is allow food pantry volunteers to drop off the food to people along the way as well, making things more decentralized. Since they'll already

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