You've probably got a laptop, a phone, a tablet, maybe even a desktop PC as well: yet, you're only using one of these at any one time. Just think of all that processing power that goes unused! We grew frustrated with computationally difficult tasks, like video rendering and encoding, taking so long on one device when we could harness the potential of every other dormant device in the house. That's why we created Supermesh, your very own mesh networked supercomputer.

What it does

We built a system to share task load between multiple devices on the same Wi-Fi network. As a proof of concept, Supermesh currently renders and encodes video using the power of all your devices, far faster than a single device alone. We built iOS and Mac apps, with a status page to power it all.

How we built it

Alan built the frame management and connections logic in C++, whilst Jamie built a status panel in HTML/CSS/JS. We then made a Mac app using SDL2 that integrated the two using Awesomium so that we could call JS functions from C++ and vice-versa. Talk about iOS and Android here

Challenges we ran into

Learning iOS dev, C++ SDL2 work

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Supermesh

Built With

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