SUPERMEGATRADERMAN is an exciting video game that teaches you a bit about FOREX. That's FOReign EXchange, bro... the buying and selling currencies. FOREX is kinda like the stock market, only way better.

People need this game because FOREX is kinda hard to understand, and this puts it all into a groc-able format.

The game is an 8-bit side-scroller with levels generated from real world trading data, compliments of the ForexConnect API. Think Mario Bros, but with buys and sells instead of coins.

When you start, you get $50,000 in virtual cash. Snatch up BUYS from the lowest dungeons and pair ‘em with high-soaring SELLS to increase your cash. Dodge baddies while you try to make bank.

You use your arrow keys and spacebar to move... it’s easy! The game is half entertainment and half education. EDUtainment. All you need is an HTML5 capable browser and a web connection, and you’ll be a Super Mega Trader Man! Or Woman! Or Monkey!

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