Education and inclusion

What it does

It is a Deep Learning Programming platform for kids. It opens a world of possibility by giving an educational tool to build their own world for themselves and for others. It helps the learners to understand what Deep Learning is and how the programming could solve problems and to disrupt to better the quality of our lives.

How we built it

GUI, Block programming wrapper, NN Creation API and PyTorch.

Challenges we ran into

  • Iterate through many ideas and narrowing down to one
  • How to build the front-end
  • How to find the teaching framework
  • How to customize front-end component
  • To develop teaching materials
  • Translating Blockly API to PyTorch

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Built the most innovative UI for kids to say Hello World! in Deep Learning
  • How we worked as a team to make an end to end product
  • 2 first time hackathoners (2 full-time moms) together with experienced developers managed to wrap a project
  • Built for Hour of Code movement, where millions of children can code their first Neural Net
  • Even had in-person user interview with our kid guest :)

What we learned

  • The importance of staying aligned
  • The power of diversity and inclusion
  • Anything is possible

What's next for MineTorch

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